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Digital health technology cyber risk management

Analyze, track, mitigate, and report on digital health technology risks before they go to market – saving time, money, and lives.

Predictive Risk Analyzer

AI-powered capability to develop risk profiles based on device components...

Digital Laboratory

Device type specific real-time collaboration, analysis, testing, and mitigation...

Single Pane of Glass

Track, visualize, and report on the security posture and risk profile of your devices...

Workflow Automation

Built to address each device's unique regulatory testing requirements...


Digital health technology is not ordinary IoT

Introducing new technology into already complex healthcare environments expands the attack surface and brings massive cybersecurity and patient safety concerns.

SBOM generation

Our platform uses industry standards to produce a fully formed software bill of materials, empowering you to identify software and component vulnerabilities before malicious third-parties exploit them and enhancing supply chain transparency with payers, providers, and patients.

Solve the evolving digital health technology risk challenge

Our suite of comprehensive consulting services are focused on the cybersecurity and compliance of digital health technology with an emphasis on FDA and other regulatory authorities' requirements.

Technology Risk Management

Cybersecurity Risk Filing

SBOM Creation & Monitoring

Lifecycle Management

Cybersecurity Process Maturation

Product Testing & Evaluation


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Aegis?

We’re a Software as a Service (SaaS) cybersecurity company focused on managing cybersecurity risk in digital health technology.

What is the Medical Aegis SaaS platform?

It is a risk management solution, built using a flexible framework, that addresses the inherent risks of digital health technology before it goes to market. Our platform leverages SBOMs, risk tracking capability, device testing, and continuous monitoring of component vulnerabilities to minimize risk during the entire product lifecycle.

How does the Medical Aegis platform support business objectives?

Our flexible framework adapts to changing business needs and streamlines the FDA and other regulatory authorities' submission processes by producing a full SBOM that is tightly coupled with a proprietary ”learning” risk algorithm.

How does your solution address vulnerabilities?

It shifts the discovery, tracking, and mitigation of vulnerabilities to the left in the product development lifecycle, protecting a technology against cyber vulnerabilities before they occur and continuing to monitor for vulnerabilities after product launch.

How does your solution provide a competitve advantage?

We provide a risk profile, risk tracking, SBOM generation, and cybersecurity testing with standard workflows based on product types, streamlining your regulatory filing process and allowing you to focus on device functionality. Our platform also provides visibility into competitive product filings, making it a one stop shop for all your needs.

Do you provide consulting services?

Yes. Our platform is supplemented by a suite of comprehensive services focused on digital health technology security and compliance, including lifecycle management, product testing and evaluation, and regulatory filing requirements.

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