Smart Medical Device Cyber Risk Management | Medical Aegis

Why Medical Aegis

"For patients, it will create confidence in the security and delivery of their medical treatments. For the manufacturer, it shifts risk to the left as part of the product lifecycle and simplifies the cost to address and comply with regulations."
– Jeffrey Lipson, CEO

The Problem

Patient data is everywhere and is being leveraged for at-home patient monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment. Patients want providers to have access at the right time and payers want to minimize risk.


Securing any IoT device is challenging, digital health technology uses the same components as current in-market IoT devices.


There are gaps in the process, understanding of, and methods used to minimize and mitigate risks.


Digital health technology is integrated with home devices, other connected devices, phones, and computers.


There is no single standard or process to identify and address digital health technology risk.


The Solution

Medical Aegis overlays the product development process and is built to address the risks of digital health technology before it goes market, resulting in decreased cybersecurity risks and increased patient confidence.

Lead with confidence in your digital health technology